Dragon? Dreamer? …Dead?
“D”, disturbing figure with the face masked.
No one in the neighbourhood seems to know his identity, why he’s been hiding for months in the flat of a dead woman or who he’s been escaping from.
Neither he does!
“D” loves TV. It’s a simple world, the one in the Tv set. Good are good, bad are bad, men look like human being. The world in “D”‘s head is truly more messed. And has also ads!
“D” knows how to self-defense and doesn’t love to be annoyed, as scary dragon shaped creatures will soon discover at their own expenses when they cross his way more and more often. But the way will be devastated when suddenly a girl and a child will enter his life.
From the crazy mind of Giò (writer, actor, comics teacher… just for hobby) and the refined hands of RX (creator of the strip series “Real life stories” and “Me and Mr Death”), a story of action and charm that only comics can tell. A sweet and sharp story that cherishes the heart while punching your stomach.
An unusual look on the many faces of loneliness.