A person with an amazing imaginative capacity with a conception of art as a tool placed at the service of the representation (not reproduction) of the surrounding reality.

Sergio Pamplega Campo (ArttoyGama Collective)

C’est donc la vie secrète des héros de notre enfance qu’il dessine, les vices secrets, le côté obscur, la face cachée de nos chers personnages, et bien sûr de nous-mêmes, qu’il imagine avec gourmandise et humour. Une «inversion des images» drôle et stimulante.

l’Echo des Savanes

Self-taught, his passion stems from the urgent need to express himself, first through the publication of graphic novels, then through sculpture, painting, digital drawing.

Born in Italy, RX is an Italian artist, craftsman and designer.

Since 2018 his research is finalized to find out the dark side of the human (and animal) mind trough the pop icon characters references.
The „post-graffitti“trend will be explored through the parody of a parody: a Pop-Paradox.

RX currently collaborates with several art galleries.



24_”Los Caprichos” – EST_ART Space, Madrid (ES)

23_”Miami Art week Soul Verse” – Soul Verse Gallery, Miami (US)

23_”Outta the System” – Art Jakarta 2023, Jakarta (ID)

23_Lucha des Gigantes “Pink Panther – 60th Anniversary” – Only You Barquillo, Madrid (ES)

22_”CRYSTALLIZE” – Pullman Hotel Central Park, Jakarta (ID)

22_”The Colours of Indonesia” – Interior Design Exhibition, Jakarta (ID)

22_AMJO3, Jakarta (ID)

22_”TRIPPY SUMMER” Art Exhibition, Gandaria City, Jakarta (ID)

22_ART JAKARTA GARDENS 2022, Jakarta (ID)

22_ONE ART TAIPEI 2022, Taipei (CHN)

21_Museum of Walls, Ashta District 8, Jakarta (ID)

21_Strangecat’s Halloween show, Strangecat Gallery, Tampa, FL (US)

21_ Printmania show, International Street Art Gallery de Caos Community, Valencia (ES)

21_Next Future Toys, Inception Cultural & Creative Co, Taipei (CHN)

20_International Street Art Gallery de Caos Community, Valencia (ES)

20_ExpoToys BCN, Consell_81 art gallery, Barcelona (ES)

19_‘Nikola Tesla. Mind of the Future’ Exhibition, Budapest (HU)

19_‘1era muestra internacional de jeguete pirata en Colombia’, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín (CO)

18_‘Forever Toys’, Okendo Kultur Centre, San Sebastian (ES)

17_‘The Vinyl Thoughts Art Show’ Exhibition, Dallas Texas (US)

15_‘Technology: Utopian or dystopian Retro-futurism’ Exhibition, Santiago De Chile (CL)

13_Dynamite Rex ‘Raaar’ Exhibition, Clutter Gallery NY (US)

12_‘Toy to the world’ Exhibition, Art at 1 Spring Street Gallery Melbourne (AU)

12_‘Just in time’ Exhibition, Sho Gallery Cardiff (GB)