“Light off mouse” is an important part of the artistic research of the larger “POP-PARADOX” project.

In the work “light off mouse” the protagonist strips off everything that makes him a star in the society of appearances. The character, modeled in 3D, was the protagonist of a limited/numbered production and a very limited series of 1: 1 scale sculptures.

In the second chapter of the “light off mouse” project the mouse begins to become aware of itself. As in a bad dream, the protagonist floats in the void overtaken by some familiar objects and some of his anatomical parts. Does he fall or is he attracted by an alien beam of light?

“In the night”, 50×70 cm, acrylic on canvas

NFT, one of a kind

The work, portrayed in an acrylic painting on canvas, is part of a larger project consisting of a one-piece CGI animation certified via blockchain.